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30 Things I Love Right Now 

Javacia Harris Bowser, founder of See Jane Write Birmingham, penned the #WriteousWednesday challenge for us, writeous babes, to list 30 things that we are obsessed with at the moment.  Javacia summoned us to observe how the gems in our favorite things lists (can’t you just hear Oprah, “And you get a new car!”) will simultaneously mesh together. Your list could even have some sound and showcase a music video of a song that you currently keep in heavy rotation.   This sounded like fun and a no pressure way for me to maybe begin my venture into the blogosphere.  Let me know if you vibe with a few of my favorite things babes.  Step into my world, if you dare; welcome!

Here are a few of my favorite things: ( some of them I pray you never have to fall in love with, some of them I hope you do, &  others prayerfully, you already have)


The Kirklin Clinic

Dr. Andres Forero (Hematologist/Oncologist)

Dr. Catherine Caldwell Parker (Breast Surgical Oncologist)

Employee Sick Leave

Getting Well

Understanding the value of laughter

Jesus (note: this is a random list because if this list was chronological,  this love, the greatest love of all in my life, would be first)


Friends on Netflix

Friends #IRL

My Mama


My (hair) sew-in


My home


1 Cornithians 13:11

Toilet Tissue

The Human Race

Walking by faith & not by sight

Hope (the sneaky explicit) (it’s a love/hate thing)

Genuine Care Home Service’s (see their Facebook page) partnership with Cleaning for a Reason


Church of the Highlands (You’re invited! We have several campuses to choose from for your convenience, including an online campus!)


Reading a good book that sucks you into the pages & makes you an extra in the story

Wishing a friend happy birthday on Facebook, especially by posting a picture and adding text

Having money in the bank

New beginnings

favorite things